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Background and Acknowledgements

There has been much discussion and debate since the inception of soundcard based PSK31 regarding a more suitable reporting system than RST for the PSK modes.

An archive search of any of the popular discussion groups will attest to the volume of suggestions and comment offered in support of this. Unfortunately no improved system appears to have been adopted, many on-air reports continue to be relatively meaningless and the debate continues today particularly in regard to the habit of giving T9 reports to distorted signals taking up excessive bandwidth.

This new reporting system has grown out of discussion during late 2002 at the psk31@yahoogroups.com site, and packages a number of ideas as PSB signal reporting. Now included is the most recent suggestion of observing “unwanted sidebands” to measure excessive signal bandwidth.

This is just the start of the long journey required to achieve acceptance of change to the traditional RST reporting system for PSK. It cannot succeed without you the operators putting “PSB” out there, giving realistic reports, drawing attention to poor signals and providing direction to the information available at this site.

Thanks to the operators who have contributed to the discussions culminating in the PSB concept; to Bob K6MBY for the screen shots and audio; to Milton W8NUE for the PSK31 Signal Modelling discussion; and to Ian GM4KLN for creating and making this site available as an integral part of the implementation.

This site was updated 11.11.2003 principally to cover reporting for PSK modes other than those limited just to the PSK31 baud rate, and to introduce a new reporting option “RSQ” (Readability, Strength, Quality) identical to PSB in outcome and possibly more appealing to operators still closely aligned to traditional RST. The RSQ idea resulted from further discussion on the PSK31 reflector mid 2003 and introduces the “unwanted sidebands” methodology for measuring excessive bandwidth. Thanks also to Howard (Skip) KH6TY for advice offered during this more recent development.

We welcome your feedback in order to improve the implementation of PSB or RSQ and the content of this site.

73, Graeme, VK3BGH