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Date: 09 December 2016
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Background and acknowledgements

RSQ evolved from the need to make Amateur radio signal reporting more relevant to narrow band digital modes and in particular to the PSK modes. A small team formed during November 2002 and the development of Print, Strength, Bandwidth (PSB) commenced as the initial proposal leading to the current RSQ format. This website also commenced development at that time to support the proposal and trialling of the new report format on-air.

Today (December 2007), RSQ is becoming more prevalent during QSOs and starting to appear in digital mode contests. Thanks to the many operators who have assisted and supported the development of RSQ. Key contributors in alphabetical order were: Bob K6MBY, Howard KH6TY, Ian GM4KLN, and Milton W8NUE.

Thanks also to the OeVSV, WIA and NRRL Societies for successfully promoting RSQ in IARU Regions 1 and 3, and to ON4UN and ON4WW for including RSQ in the June 2010 edition of 'Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur'.


We welcome your feedback in order to improve the implementation of RSQ and the content of this site.


73, Graeme VK3GN (formerly VK3BGH)